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In 2012 JNET developed a new internet accessible website and started moving applications from the legacy secure portal to the new platform. Moving applications to the internet is a critical step in JNET's customer centric approach.

JNET users will be able to access JNET applications through any internet connection. The internet site makes JNET access easier and faster while providing the same level of security as the JNET secure site. Nearly all applications, reports and informational resources are available on the internet site.

JNET is using the same username and password credentials to authenticate users to the new JNET internet site. This allows users to log into JNET using their account from any computer with internet access. Users accessing JNET through the Internet will experience increased mobility, faster performance and easier access.

Eventually, the legacy JNET secure portal will be decommissioned. The internet site will provide users with a friendlier and easier experience when accessing JNET as well as provide the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania significant costs savings through reduced infrastructure and support costs.