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JNET Messaging, Web Services and Electronic Reporting

JNET serves as the primary justice information broker for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In this role, JNET provides the mechanism for local, county, and state agencies to exchange and share information. While JNET provides over 38,000 users with access to information through the JNET portal, it is the role of information broker where JNET provides the most efficiencies and savings to the justice and public safety communities.

JNET Notifications allows users to subscribe to real-time event messages for comparison against offender watch lists. When an event message is published, it is compared against millions of watch list records, and the subscribing user is automatically notified via e-mail, pager or cell phone. When a significant event occurs; arrests, dispositions, wants, warrants, state parole violations, PennDOT change of address, or death notice, users are alerted to check the JNET portal for detailed event information.

Historically, JNET message exchanges have been unique agency to agency transfers of information designed to meet a specific business need. However, JNET has adopted Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which creates readily re-usable data exchanges. SOA is an industry standard that formalizes the development of information exchanges, primarily in the form of web services. Most importantly, SOA dictates that message exchanges are based on real life business practices. Rather than develop esoteric technology or information exchanges, SOA architecture focuses the development and deployment of services on real world problems and needs. When services are built with an eye towards the needs of agencies and practitioners in the field, services take a more practical, business oriented, and most importantly, re-usable form.

Electronic Reporting (ER) was originally developed to provide county probation departments and prisons an automated way of reporting information to the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. ER evolved into providing JNET users real-time access to this information, and later provided ER data to JNET messaging and notifications. Statistical reports based on the ER data are available to JNET users via the JNET portal.